From Cards and Markers to Mobile Apps

From Cards and Markers to Mobile Apps

From Cards and Markers to Mobile Apps How Ordinary Games Like Bingo Became a Recurring Hit Life is a cycle so they say. This holds very true especially when it comes to trends whether it’s a product or an activity. One great example to look at is the re-emergence of classic social games like poker, […]

5 Super-World's Fastest Computer

5 Super-World’s Fastest Computer

Large countries are competing in making the seemingly fastest supercomputers. For now, China managed to become a winner with Tianhe-2 products. Tianhe, which literally can be referred to as the Milky Way or the Milky Way, the second generation of the fastest after being crowned in a benchmark test, the device records the speed of […]

Sony SmartWatch 2 Android Menu

Sony: SmartWatch 2 Watches using Android

Sony Mobile made a surprise re-release of Android-based smart watches, Sony SmartWatch 2. Compared to the previous series, the successor SmartWatch this second edition has had the advantage of water resistance. Director of Marketing Xperia Sony Mobile Communications Callum MacDougall said, the user typically holds the phone many times in a day to read the […]

Preview iPad with Office 2013

Microsoft: Now iOS user can use Microsoft Office in their Apple’s gadget

Office for iOS release marks a major change in Microsoft’s mobile strategy. Previously, the software is always used as a bait to attract consumers to Microsoft’s own mobile platform (eg Windows Phone smartphone and tablet Surface RT) because it is only available on Windows-based devices. But, instead of successfully attracting consumers, such tactics actually fertilize […]

Sony SmartWatch 2 Android Menu

5 things you can not find in iPhone 5

Apple’s most advanced smartphone, the iPhone 5 does seem to have it all. He has specifications, performance, and also the best features. However, no product is absolutely perfect in this world, as well as the iPhone 5. There are still some things that can not be done by a device that reportedly will soon get […]